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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Outdoor Activities near Manila

Searching for no particular reason open air exercises close manila that the entire family can appreciate? Whether your family is into outrageous games, instructive visits, or a tad bit of both, we’ve arranged this rundown only for you. Here are a portion of the fun open air exercises to do with your children close Manila where your family can have a day (or two!) of fun!

Try not to stress, on the grounds that these spots are a good time for children, doesn’t mean grown-ups won’t have a fabulous time as well!

# Flow House Manila 

With the simulated surfer waves at Flow House Manila, you won’t need to go very far to learn how to surf with their flowboards! Flow House Manila is an all-in-one water attraction that allows the entire family to experience the beach lifestyle within a Mall. So just imagine the endless possibilities – shopping, dining, relaxing, and of course, enjoying the beach vibe!

Address: Seasons Mall Molino, Bacoor Blvd., Bacoor, Cavite

Contact Numbers: +63998 555 2176 | +63925 566 7666

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am – 12mn; Saturday to Sunday, 8am – 12mn

Entrance Fee: Flow House Manila has yet to set up a site for their fees, so they encourage you to give them a call at the numbers listed above during their operating hours. You can also message them on Facebook to learn more!

# Tree Top Adventure, Subic

Want a safe place for your kids to experience the thrills of ziplining amidst a spectacular view of nature? Search no more with Tree Top Adventure, Subic, the zipline park that focuses on your safety above all else while still bringing you the ride of a lifetime! Combine your family’s need for adventure and the wonders of nature only at Tree Top Adventure!

Address: Jest Area, Upper Mau, Cubi Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Numbers: +6347 252 9425 | +63922 576 9156

# Sandbox, Porac

Experience the thrill of the outdoors at this ultimate outdoor playground in Porac, Pampanga. Sandbox redefines your conventional definition of outdoor fun with attractions like their giant swing, the aerial walk challenge, ATV and UTV rides, and outdoor archery. If you want a fun and safe place for your kids to participate in these activities, Sandbox should definitely be on your list!

Address: Porac Access Road, Porac, Pampanga

Contact Numbers: +63917 803 3099 | +6345 432 0014

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:20am to 5:30

# Bataan Pawikan Sea Turtle Conservation

Teach your kids about the circle of life at the Bataan Pawikan Sea Turtle Conservation, where they can learn all about the lives of turtles. Bear witness from the day pawikan eggs are laid to the day they’re hatched and up until the little turtles swim towards the sea. Take note that the turtles lay their eggs at around January to February, and these eggs hatch 25 days later.

Address: Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan

Contact Numbers: +6347 237 4476 | +6347 237 475

Entrance Fee: For a couple of hours just viewing the sanctuary and a handful of their turtles, you can get in for just Php 20!

But if you want a more immersive experience, it’s Php 3,700 per person, and this includes transportation, dinner for day 1, breakfast and lunch for day 2, accommodations at their designated dorm rooms, travel insurance, tour guide fees, and other fees associated with the tours and attractions.

# Avilon Zoo

Take the kids on one of those outdoor summer activities that also doubles as a learning experience about animals at the country’s largest zoological institution in the Philippines. With 7.5 hectares of land filled with more than 3000 exotic wildlife animals, Avilon Zoo is sure to open your kids’ eyes to the wonders of nature.

Address: 9003 GP Sitio Gulod, San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal

Contact Numbers: +632 948 9866 | +632 948 3986

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8am to 5pm.

Entrance Fee: Php 700 for adults and kids above 3.0 feet, Php 400 for children below 3 feet. Children younger than 12 months can enter free of charge.

 # Ocean Adventure

This open water marine theme park allows you and your kids to interact with all sorts of marine animals like dolphins, sea lions, and even sharks and turtles! Ocean adventure has a wide assortment of activities for the whole family such as swim encounters with the animals and aquariums to observe all sorts of sea life.

Address: Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Numbers: +6347 252 9000

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 9am to 6pm

Entrance Fee: That depends entirely on the activities you want to try out.

# Hidden Valley Springs

Want to bask in the wonders of nature without traveling too far from the city? Hidden Valley Springs offers a relaxing getaway with the added comforts of home. Take the kids for a dip in the natural spring pools or allow them to explore the tropical rainforest. And once you’re done exploring, you can retreat to the comforts of their beautiful casitas.

Address : Since it’s a hidden valley, you’ll need to follow carefully the directions they have on their page. But you may also want to get in touch with them via their Makati Office at 111 Carlos Palanca Jr. St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Contact Numbers: +632 818 4034 | +632 840 4112 to 14

# Republ1c Wake Park

Republ1c Wakepark is a super convenient venue where you can learn how to wakeboard this summer. They use cables (not boats!) to pull you through the water and the obstacles, making it both fun and safe for those who love watersports. After going through all the obstacles, you might be too tired to go straight home, so they also offer accommodations within the area for the whole family!

Address: West Diversity Boulevard Nuvali, Calamba Laguna

Contact Numbers: +63947 892 4961 | +6349 559 4834

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8:30am – 5:30pm; Friday to Sunday, 8:30am – 10pm

# Manila Ocian Park

Here’s another marine summer activity the whole family can enjoy, and it’s much closer to the city! Manila Ocean Park offers animal attractions that allow you to interact with all sorts of animals like sea lions, dolphins, sharks, and even birds of prey! Your kids will love dressing up as a mermaid at the Mermaid Swim Experience, or trying their hand at training sea lions!

Address: Manila Ocean Park behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila

Contact Numbers: +632 567 777 7

Operating Hours: The attractions each have different hours.

# Corregidor Island

Go on a fun-filled day trip at historic Corregidor Island. It’s a great place to go for the entire family to have both learn and enjoy with activities like kayaking, hiking, jungle survival and exploration camping, and bird watching. And if you want the kids to know more about our country’s history, the Night Lateral Visit allows you to explore the 1,000-bed hospital area used during World War II.

Contact Numbers: For reservations, call +632 834 6857 to 58

 # Clark Adventure Park

Clark Adventure Park boasts a multitude of activities from a relaxing dip in one of their pools to more adrenaline-filled outdoor activities like their 460-meter zipline, dune buggy riding through lahar dunes, and an exciting round of airsoft. With nearby affordable accommodations catering to your post-adventure needs, your entire family can stick around and make the most of your stay!

Address: Road to Paradise Ranch, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Contact Number: +63920 623 0986

 # Bambike Ecotours

Go on an educational ecotour with the whole family on a bike that’s made of bamboo. Bambikes are bamboo bicycles created by the lovely folks who live in Gawad Kalinga villages. They’re perfect for city cycling, especially in scenic places like Intramuros. Don’t settle for just another boring tour; take your kids for a ride on a Bambike as they learn more about our country’s history!

Address: Plaza San Luis Complex,  Real St. corner General Luna St., Intramuros, Manila

Contact numbers: +632 525 8298

Operating Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 9am to 6pm

Tour Schedule: 10am to 12:30pm and 3pm to 5:30pm. But you can also book a 1-hour express tour by giving them a call!

Fees: The 2 ½ hour tour spans 10 locations, and costs Php 1,200 per head. This includes the bike and helmet rental, bottled water, and entrance fees. The minimum age for this is 10 years old.

Express tour fees start at Php600, and you can choose where you’d like to go.

Outdoor activities are everywhere, from within the metro to just a couple of hours away. With such a wide selection of things to do at these venues, every member of your family will find at least one super thrilling activity to try.

Essential Travel Tips

essential-travel-tips# Try not to wear shoes on the plane

A first exhortation to you is not to wear shoes on the plane since wearing shoes loses aestheticism as well as not shield your feet from harm by sharp or hot protests also, particularly in instances of crisis when voyaging.

# Delicately shake the body to ease headache side effects

In case you’re feeling queasiness when flying, attempt to shake your body somewhat. It sounds as “somewhat insane” yet your developments will oppose flying machine effect and make you essentially diminish this uneasiness.

# Save a seat in airplane terminal parlor

In the event that you fly with long separation, please hold a seat in airplane terminal parlor. You should pay a charge some time recently, yet consequently you can appreciate uninhibitedly beverages, nourishments and perusing books in a peaceful environment. At the point when leaving the parlor, you ought to bring a couple of huge jugs of water to begin your voyage.

# Try not to trade cash in the lodging

Guests ought to go to the shops around to get best trade rates. It is very suggested that guests ought to utilize a Mastercard or check card that is gratis for abroad buys.

# Bring a purse and a pouch wearing in hip

The hip pouch will help you keep the money and the necessary papers safely and conveniently. What about the purse? If someone invites you for a dish, you will be able to use purse to pay because when meeting new acquaintances, it seems to be slightly impolite to pay for some beers by money from the hip pocket.

# Bring an anorak

 This clothes can be regarded as the uniform of mischievous teenagers, but it also is a great costume for travelers. Just hooding over the head, visitors can avoid the noise and light when you want to sleep on the plane, in the airport chairs or on the bus, as well as help you keep warm on the plane.

# Curl clothes when packages

When rolled up clothes, you can save time and bring more clothes.

# Buy a noise-canceling headphone

To enjoy a perfect long trip, you should buy a noise-canceling headphone. Although it is slightly more expensive but it is worthwhile for your investment as it will help you avoid the voice of children crying, snoring and talking.

# Travel alone

It looks like that it would be difficult to travel alone, but this will give you opportunity to discover yourself. You can make new friend, learn a new language and get interesting experiences when traveling alone.

# When getting communication problems, you should use body language

When having problems with the language, instead of trying to express in your own language, you should use body language. It is the international language and the most effective way to communicate and do not forget a smile.

Holidays in Australia

holidays-in-australiaThe truth of the matter is that even today certain things in life bring us peppy and charmed astonishments, far from the by and large unassuming and possessed world. Australia outings will show it right.

A visit to Australia is special to the point that it is not the same as going in some other country on the planet. Your Australian escape will doubtlessly end up being a champion among the most astounding experiences of your life. Take in an Australian undertaking with a visit arrange including Hunter Valley and its Australian Wines, Sydney and its musical show house, the Gold Coast with its delightful diversion stops and staggering shorelines, Queensland and its mystic island resorts, the Sunshine Coast and Noosa with Steve Irwin’s splendid Australia Zoo. Australia get-aways couldn’t hint at change than this!

The Australia trip groups allow you to make an impeccable voyage through the basic voyager spots, promising you the best travel understanding. Be captivated by the Daydream Island and Hamilton Island resorts, Sailing Charters, Book Australia occasion bundles and have a ton of fun on all tour.Whitsundays with the acclaimed Hayman Island, Cairns with the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park with its crocodiles and frequenting scene, Port Douglas with the holding Daintree rainforest, or Ayers Rock with its brilliance or ski fields in Victoria and New South Wales. Your Australian escape will be stacked with outrageous satisfaction undoubtedly.

Rather than imitating the possibility of Tasmania as a modest island absorbed soaked woodlands and unpleasant town individuals nourishing on dried salmon it is entirely hypnotizing. Upheld by tall mountains, spread-out landmasses, steep precipices, empyreal shorelines and mysterious holes, Tasmania inhales the cleanest and purest air on earth. In the Australia relaxes those long strolls along turquoise oceans, by the grandiose tops, through the rainforests, broad farmlands and Highland fields; the thrilling trekking and rafting sprees – everything is certain to entrance you!

Rather than reproducing the possibility of Tasmania as a modest island absorbed spongy timberlands and dreadful town individuals bolstering on dried salmon it is very entrancing. Bolstered by tall mountains, spread-out promontories, steep precipices, empyreal shorelines and enchanted holes, Tasmania inhales the cleanest and purest air on earth. In the Australia relaxes those long strolls along turquoise oceans, by the elevated crests, through the rainforests, broad farmlands and Highland fields; the invigorating trekking and rafting sprees – everything is certain to spellbind you!